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Unparalleled strategic board game experience that will keep you coming back for more. With infinite replayability, you'll never have the same game twice, thanks to its randomly generated maps, asymmetric alien races, each boasting unique gameplay mechanics.

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Asymmetric & Unique Ship Mechanics: Each race in the game possesses distinct ship mechanics, such as humans with classic hex starships, dwarf terraformers using planets as ships, and neutron slingshoters who utilize the gravity of neutron stars for movement, providing diverse gameplay experiences.

Innovative Board Network: The game features a unique board network with two intertwined Voronoi graphs and Delaunay triangulations on rectangle-shaped star system tiles, creating a randomly generated and visually captivating game board.

Customizable Starship Building: Players use hexagonal tiles to build their starships, determining their stats like cargo capacity, cannon power, swarm drone defense power, energy shields defense percentage, and laser intensity level. The energy power linkage is based on the rotation of the hexes, providing an innovative and engaging design element.

Meaningful Choices: Players face decisions with far-reaching consequences, as their actions can determine the fate of entire planets, solar systems, and their inhabitants due to the space-ripping power of the Antimatter Drive.

Educational and Thought-Provoking: "Antimatter Drive: Wormholes" teaches important real-life concepts and is part of the "Games we'd time-travel to our younger selves" series, offering not only entertainment but also opportunities for learning and reflection.

AI and Human Philosophical Dilemmas: The game delves into the story of artificial intelligence and explores philosophical questions surrounding the relationship between humans and AI, engaging players in thought-provoking narratives and moral quandaries.